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Amin Pharmaceutical Company

Amin Pharmaceutical Company

Amin Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1984 and went into operation in 1990. Initially, the company manufactured seven drugs and has now increased its range of products to over a hundred. The company is located in Isfahan in a parcel of land about 40 hectares. On this parcel 17 hectares is covered by a forest with vegetation typical for the climate. Given the accessible land, Amin continually undergoes construction to expand production capacity. Amin is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Iran producing products across a variety of therapeutic areas and formulations.
The focus of the company is producing non-sterile human pharmaceutical products both in liquid (Oral drops/ Syrups) and solid forms (Tablets, Coated Tablets and Capsules). Our products are formulated and manufactured based on the latest PHARMACOPEIA regulations such as USP, BP, EP. In addition, the plant, the warehousing, and the production are designed according to cGMP regulations. Furthermore, with QA oversight there are standard operation procedures (SOPs) throughout all departmental functions.
Amin was Iran’s first and only pharmaceutical company to run MIS (Management Information System). The company is a leader in quality, having registered quality assurance through its achievement of ISO 9001(version: 2008) from BSI in England. It has also attained ISO 14001 from DNV in Norway for accreditation of its environmental management systems. Amin was also admitted to the Quality Management Society of Iran through the certificates and achievements mentioned above.
Amin pharmaceutical company is one of fifteen Iranian pharmaceutical companies with GMP certification. Amin ranks 17th and 21st in production and annual turnover respectively among Iranian pharmaceutical companies.
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